Friday, 26 September 2014


annyeonghaseyo !! I am a person who loves taking photos but always take the same photos also sian (Boring) right? Its either the pose same or the place same. Its time for me to take some special photos. hahahaha

And visting the Trick Eye Museum at Resorts World Singapore was a great place for me to take some special & epic photos and get rid of the boring photos awhile. hahaha. 
***Thanks to The Influencer Network & Trick Eye Museum for making this event..***

Tickets pricing 
Adult (aged 12-59) - $25
Child (4-12) - $20
Senior (aged 60 and above) - $20

Lets enjoy all the largely photos !

Sorry for being heavy ): 

Lets sit down together and have a talk.

I am everywhere you go.. *pedo face*

Can't believe i am a toy for this big baby ): 

Leg too long ): *tall people problem*

Lets dance ! 

Just gonna hold tight because i just realise i don't know how to swim. 

Holy Shit ! 
Its weekend , finally get to sleep. 

I am pro at this. HAHA

Did i step on something? 

Under the sea ~~

Thank you baby for the flower. *crying over joy*

bring me home

Proud to be a Singaporean 

Bamboo stick don't break but just bent. 

Leave me alone T^T 

Lets dance ~

here's my vlog with the Trick Eye Museum :DD

Thanks for reading !! <3

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